Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Nice websites!

Many of you know, I am moving to Albuquerque soon to start medical school. I had the idea that once I was admitted, I would be very relaxed, and overall, I am more relaxed, but the big change is also a little scary. I've been worrying about where I should live, and whether I should buy a house or not. I found a nice website called It has rental and sale listings, and a calculator to help you decide which to do. For me, renting may not be such a bad option. Hats off to the web designers of hotpads. I will sleep better tonight because of you.
Another website that helps me relax is I listen to a music station based on Hans Zimmer.
Currently I'm reading the Witch of Portobello, written by Paulo Coelho, which is helping me to focus on the present.
So thanks to all the web designers and artists who improve our lives by helping us relax and find places to live. This entry opens with a cute photo I stole from I've never had the occasion to use it.

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