Friday, January 27, 2012

I love you like a love song baby

I was listening to, “I love you like a love song baby,” by Selena Gomez, in my car the other day.  Initially, I thought, “how stupid, a love song can’t love.”  Is her love like the love expressed in other love songs, or does she love love songs?  Or does she indeed love, like a love song, a thing?
And the lyrics. 

"There’s no way to describe what you do to me,
You just do to me, what you do
You are magical, lyrical, beautiful, You are…
And I want you to know baby."

There’s no way to describe what he does, he just does what he does?  I took this to mean, just seeing him say, eating a sandwich, makes her heart flutter, but I read the lyrics to my boyfriend, and he thought it was something sexual, which makes sense too.  She lets us fill in the blanks.

Which is dangerous.  I once heard a story: four young men in the south during the 60s were driving in a town, and they heard the radio announcer say that a local high school had been recently integrated, and that there was a crowd of people protesting.  “What, I can’t believe it, let’s go over there right now,” they all said.  They drove up to the area, and two went to the side protesting the integration, and two went to the side supporting the integration.  They had all thought they were outraged by the same idea, but no one explicitly said what outraged them.

Back to Selena.  The more I listened to the song on the radio, the more I knew exactly how Selena Gomez felt. She was in teenage love, overwhelmed, and god, he just did what he did, he was just so, so, exactly….yeah.
But I plan to practice the discipline of actually using words.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Chevron the rat

She hears me approach-
What's that, she wonders.
Warm and furry, snuggled next to her sister
atop their cushion of chewed paper.

She rouses herself at the commotion.
Four feet extended, she rights herself
and walks to the opening of her little wooden house on the floor of her cage.

Whiskers whisking, pink nose pointed,
she sniffs.
And puts her hands on the open cage door to greet me.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Top 5 LMFAO parodies

I love LMFAO's videos, "Sexy and I Know It" and "Party Rock Anthem."  They're silly, inclusive of different people, and easy to parody.  In fact, the celebratory feel and silliness invite parodies, which then leads to top 5 parodies lists.  You may wonder, could my time be better spent?  It's possible- working out, cleaning, spending time with family, these could be better uses of my time. But current stressors make for poor sleep cycles, and it feels like nighttime right now although the sun's out.  As I wonder, "Where will I spend the next four years of residency?" thinking of silly things is much more distracting than say, reading about autism, doing yoga, planning my future career, or learning in general.

And so, the top 5 parodies, with #1 being the best:

1. I'm Gassy and I'm Bloated  (I'm Sexy and I Know It)
Suffice it to say, I can't relate, but I know you can.  For people less than 15 years, they're called toots.  For us adults, farts.  Funny, true to original, and relatable for all (except me).

2. Life in India (Party Rock Anthem)
"Everybody grab a bowl of rice."  A nice spin on party rock, creative and cheerful.

3. Staying in Anthem
Who hasn't stayed in, with the best of intentions to work, clean, reflect, and wound up googling actors and commenting on everyone's facebook posts?

4. I'm Arab and I Love it
This is a very sweet video, which includes arabic language and music and a cute kid at the end.

5. I'm Elmo and I Know it
Included to show the versatility of LMFAO- everyone can have a good time with the song.

Honorable Mentions:
I'm Country and I Know it
Funny lyrics, lower budget and made by a single person.

I'm Messy and I Know it
Cute, but includes stupid vacuum blooper at the end.

Worth watching if the title applies to you:
-I'm Jewish and You know it:  too forced to be an honorable mention, but stylish and includes the word "circumcised".
-I'm Geeky and I know it:  Good style and fun concept, but repetitive and low energy.

Original Videos LMFAO:
I'm Sexy and I Know it
Party Rock Anthem