Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Everything bad is good, er, right?

Finally, confirmation that violent movies reduce crime! According to two economists (economist=psychologist), young men aced to wreck havoc and mayhem on society may get their yayas by watching violent movies instead of actually committing violent acts. During the weekend of violent movie premiers and in the few days after, there is a dip in reported crime. So not only do violent films keep these scoundrels off the streets, it pacifies them for awhile. There is some logic to this, as undesirable no. 1 cannot be in two places at once (at least not without some polyjuice potion). The conclusion of the article is to find other ways to keep young men entertained, perhaps with seductive older women, funding more Adam Sandler films, or distributing passes to hear Mike Huckabee. Keep danger off our streets!


rachel said...

Quentin Tarantino could found a Violent Filmmaking Institute and transform all those wanna-be killers into directors and screenwriters!

GSA said...

:))) interesting, would have never thought of these explanations myself!

Greg said...

It worked in "A Clockwork Orange" didn't it?