Thursday, August 16, 2007

The Art of Quitting: Goodbye Zodiac!

Evan Harris has a book called, "The Art of Quitting When Enough is Enough." I received this book as a birthday present from my good friend Alegra. A hint? What does she think I need to quit?
According to Ms. Harris, there are six basic quits:

1) Job
2) Person/People
3) Thing
4) Location
5) Idea
6) Habit

Soon after reading the book, I saw a quit glaring at me from the heavens: Astrology. Those of you who know me have not taken my musing on the zodiac very seriously, because I am very very serious and very very skeptical, and would not look at sun signs to interpret affairs of the heart or business. But I do read my horoscope and have spent hours discussing the compatibility of different signs in relationships. Furthermore, I confess to pointing out that people really ought to know their moon sign and ascendant house. I have stopped short of cancelling events based on horoscope advice and choosing my boyfriend based on his sign. Recently, three people have pointed out to me that the sun wasn't even in the constellation of Leo when I was born. This statement appears to be true, and along with Evan Harris's book, has motivated me to quit astrology. So Leos, start a torrid affair with a Cancer or Pieces. Even the most poetic, literary horoscope, while tempting, is not worth reading if one can't decide which sun sign's horoscope to read.


AlegraMarcel said...

I went on a quit-kick after reading this book as well. But then I quit quitting. It was tiresome. Except now I want to quit sociallizing because I am tired. I might pick it up again next week.

I'd love to quit buildings without natural light, but that would mean I'd have to quit my job. Linked quits can be difficult.

sciencebird said...

I also quit quitting, and now base my life around my sun sign. Who knows what I'll do tomorrow?