Wednesday, June 13, 2007


S to the Sci-o, B to the Birdie, Sciencebird is in da house!

To all my fly sci's out there, word!

S, C, I, E, N, C, E and bird y'all.
(Repeat, sung to the tune of Fergie's Glamorous.)

If you ain't pub'd in Nature take your sad ass home!
If you ain't pub'd in Science take your sad ass home!

We're flying so high,
flapping our wings
in the sunshine,
infrared beams.

Sciencebird, s-sciencebird sciencbird s-s-sciencebird,...


sciencebird said...

Sciencebird hasn't published in Nature or Science.

sciencebird said...

Sciencebird is going home now.

AlegraMarcel said...

Wow, This is funny. I like it.

I think I need you to sing this to me, because I can't quite hear how it fits. I can almost get it, but then I lose a syllable along the way and end up misalinged. Can you post an audioclip for all us fans?

I made up a song a while back, with a cute tune and funny rhymes, but now when I try to sing it it comes out ot the tune of "We all live in a yellow submarine," and I can't recall the original tune.

The words are:
Today's the day my life with change.
My life will never be the same,
But that's okay, 'cause day to day,
no life is ever quite the same.

sciencebird said...

I think you sang it for me. But now, I can also fit yellow submarine. I'll try to clip an audio file, but I don't know how.

Generally when I make up a tune, the tune is a nondescript march. I think they have a pill for that. Or maybe we could see Ms. Piggle Wiggle.